Using wearables & data as the new normal invisible layer of safety,

protecting the future of our workforce today.

Our Product

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What can Sourcetrace offer you?

Social Distancing

Continuously encouraging social distancing on site with a means to warn, protect, trace and manage the workforce on your projects.

Location Hotspots

With our geo-locating system, it allows us to identify high risk zones of COVID breaches on site allowing us to assess better logistics solution for a safer site.

COVID Contact Tracing

Every breach of all durations recorded and stored for a full trace history of close contacts in the event of a positive result on site. 

Team Member Warnings

Our wearable solution continuously warns our workforce to continuously adhere to social distancing guidelines with sound, light & vibration alerts.

Workforce Health

Avoid future connections with possible at-risk contacts. The system provide you with information on your team, whether they are healthy, close contact, symptomatic or positive.

Live Analytics

Instant light and sound warnings to your staff as well as immediate data to your dashboard for continuous monitoring.

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How does it work?

Connect to our Growing Network

Sourcetrace links with miniature wearable bits worn by the workforce and connects to our easily installed Gateway Anchors on your site. This connects to our LORA Network allowing Sourcetrace and other software's protect our workforce on multiple projects across the country.

Check out our interactive Map for latest Lora Range in your area

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Equip your Helmet

Wearable Bit device manufactured to clip on & off your workforce helmets allowing daily distribution and charging. Quick and easy set up and use ensuring simple implementation across your portfolio without costly maintenance requirements.

Automatic Sign-In

Issue a wearable bit device to your project team members allowing them to simply scan to register on their mobile app and go to work. Always on ensuring the protection of your workforce and portfolio. 

Work in Safety

Wearable Bit device flashes and beeps when breach reminding users constantly to be vigilant. COVID Compliance officers can monitor hot spot locations, repeat offenders and company trends.


Appropriate allocation

Set up designated space for storing and distributing the bit device daily and charging at night.

Geo-fencing your site

Key location tracing for COVID hot spots with geofencing limiting location information to site boundary.

No need for connection

No need for Wifi or Bluetooth, the bit device continuously updates the gateway anchors.

We care about your privacy

Compliant with GDPR as user is given new random device each day ensuring anonymity.

Comfort in wearability

Dynamic attachment detail so user can wear on helmet, lanyard or on their wrist depending on environment or preference.

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What's in our Starter Pack?

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Built as emergency response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in order to reduce probability of your workforce contacting COVID on your projects, continuously reminding workforce of social distancing measures & recording all breaches to accurately source trace when their is a positive result on site.


GagaMuller Bit

The GagaMuller Bit    is a first in a series of cutting edge technology packed in light wearable device. The bit can mount on users helmet or wrist with clever innovative attachment functionality for easy clip on & off functionality. 



GagaMuller Anchor

The GagaMuller Anchor    utilised newly available LORA technology to relieve dependency on sites requirements of Wifi and team members requirements of battery draining Bluetooth on mobile devices. 3 Anchors on your site will allow for seamless live data updates from the field.


Need more accuracy?


GagaMuller Boost

The GagaMuller Boost    is best utilised in environments with less moving parts. Using clever mesh network and UWB this allows for super accurate internal tracking within your project. Best implemented at handover for clients such as hospitals whom want to maintain a safe working environment. This can be paired with wifi installation. 


Building an open network and wearables for other apps to connect for your benefit


Machine Tracking


Delivery Tracking


High Risk Zones


Workforce Wellbeing


Augmented Reality


On Board Communication